In Living Death Valley one of America’s most enchanting landscapes is unveiled in this non-narrative, visually and musically arresting exploration of a land as foreboding as its name implies.

The Film takes us on a year’s journey through remote areas of Death Valley National Park where we gain an intimate perspective of the land and its many moods. Through variations in time lapse photography, high definition video set to a poignant original music score, the viewer experiences the unfolding of an ecosystem in magnificent detail as it moves through the rhythms of day and season. The film enters the secret lives of wild creatures as they interact with their environment. It explores the artifacts left by previous generations who forged a living in this desolate land. Through the terrestrial and celestial interplay of light and movement it catches a glimpse of the forces that have shaped the land throughout the millennia.

Living Death Valley is the non-verbal story of a desert; a realm where extremes collide in a fury, yet where life, delicate and precarious, can survive and even thrive.


Living Death Valley was commissioned by the Death Valley Natural History Association, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the educational, interpretive, and scientific activities of Death Valley National Park. All sales of the DVD benefit the Park.

For Best Film score Calypso Award